Servicing and Dyno tuning

What we do...

Good suspension needs to be properly serviced and tuned to get the most out of it. All our technicians are trained by Bilstein UK to rebuild and service the dampers to the same specifications of the main factory using all genuine Bilstein’s parts and oils. 

As with our spring design we remove the stigma of suspension tuning being black magic, it isn’t, it’s maths, physics and kinematics. We can take the specifications of your vehicle and the type of abuse you’re going to throw at it and come up with the recommended damper force – velocity curves to give the optimum ride. 

We will then build your dampers with the appropriate shim stack to get closest to these ideal curves and then confirm the true rates on the dyno.  If you feel you want further alterations, we can study the graphs to plan the best changes to go for.

We can graph your dampers on the dyno before and after servicing as required. 

If you have any questions. Get in touch. 

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