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Hi, I’m Jon Sprackling I started Dyna – Tech  in 2020, with the aim of providing engineering expertise in off-road suspension. 

I’m a Chartered Mechanical Engineer.  Over the years I’ve worked on a wide range of suspension systems from trains to road cars, from Rally Raid to WRC. I was lead engineer at Bowler Motorsport from 2014 – 2019 during which time my main focus was suspension, chassis and structural design. During this time I lead the team to design and build several competition winning vehicles, both in the UK and abroad.  Work included designing dampers and countless coil springs from scratch, complete chassis’, suspension mounts, subframes, control arms etc. If it moves and takes forces from the wheels then that was my focus. 

During my time at Bowler I formed excellent relationship with Bilstein UK and Spring Coil Ltd. It’s these relationships that made me want to start my own business providing a service to the off-road community. I recognised that Bilstein were making excellent products in America that are every bit as good as the likes of Fox or King Shocks yet were unavailable in the UK… until now.  With full Bilstein UK factory support I now import the full range of American Spec dampers into the UK. 

Spring design is one of my passions and I enjoy the engineering challenge of getting a spring and damper setup that really work in harmony together. Due to the large suspension travels seen in off-road, designing a spring system that works is even more challenging than for a road application. I love to geek out over a detailed spreadsheet. I’ve worked closely with Spring Coil ltd for years and they always make springs to the highest quality and accuracy. 

Most importantly I’m a massive petrol head and motorsport is in my blood. I regularly compete in Comp Safari’s whenever time and funds allow. I’ve just finished designing M-Sport’s new spaceframe for their 2022 WRC car and was heavily involved in suspension design and integration. 

I recognise that there are some great companies and products already on the market but  I can provide customers with another option and brand to consider when purchasing suspension for their vehicle, as well as another option for engineering expertise. 

– Jon 

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