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What we do...

We’ve got plenty of experience designing springs for all sorts of vehicles such as road cars, trials, Rally Raid, Comp Safari, we’ve even designed springs for trains – the engineering principles are the same, sadly people often rely so heavily on the damper to do all the hard work and just throw any old spring on to get their ride height correct. Springs and dampers work in tandem and the spring must be designed to compliment the damper, if not, they will fight each other which leads to poor ride, dampers degrading etc. 

Whether you’re looking for a single linear spring, dual rate, triple rate, separate springs with crossover ring, nested springs, helper spring, tender spring, rebound spring…. the list is endless, we’ve got you covered. 

As with everything we do we design these springs using good old-fashioned maths and spreadsheets, suspension isn’t black magic like most people think. To get the perfect spring for your application there are many factors to consider; suspension travel, motion ratio, sprung mass, target frequency, cross-over rates, spring stress, checking for dislocation, checking for coil-bound,  ride height, ride adjustability… again, the list is endless.  As you can probably gather the only way to get a spring that ticks all the boxes for your vehicle is to design one for it. 

Custom springs aren’t as expensive as you might think especially simple linear ones, they are often no more expensive than off the shelf springs from Eibach, the only addition is a small design fee to cover the engineering time to design them.  We use some of the best spring manufacturers in the country made to the highest quality. 

If you’ve got something in mind, drop us an email or call. 

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